9 x 25 Motocross Studs


9 x 25 Motocross Stud

Road Grip® Rally and Motocross Studs are available in a variety of sizes. Each stud is tipped with a tungsten carbide pin to provide maximum traction and long life. The amount of protrusion determines the aggressiveness of the stud and is determined by the riders application and tire size. See installation tips for tools and equipment required to use this stud.

Recommended Equipment:


Article Number 5070505
Metric Designation TSC 9-25 MCH
Body Length (MM) 17
Overall Length (MM) 25.0
Base Diameter (MM) 9.0
Shaft Diameter (MM) 7.0
Pin Diameter (MM) 2.6
Weight (Grams) 4.97
Colour Silver
Packaging 500 / Box
Drill Bit STP 0703
Drill Stop STP 0708
Stud Tool STE TSIT-9