Jeff Smith is Retiring effective January 31, 2022

After 32 years, Jeff is retiring to Cottage Country.

From the early days when Jeff started in our warehouse packing orders, assembling our equipment to customer relations, product development, quality assurance to eventually running our entire Canadian business, Jeff has been an integral and invaluable part of our Bruno Wessel family for more than 30 years which is longer than most companies even exist.

He will be missed not only as the person running Bruno Wessel Ltd. but also from a personal standpoint. Jeff has always had a great sense of dry humor and was always up to any task we asked of him. I will continue to call Jeff my friend and will visit him whenever I am in Canada.

We wish him every happiness in a well-deserved retirement.

Garry Wessel

Note, Jeff will continue to receive personal messages sent to his Bruno Wessel e-mail address. Please send business inquiries to the office.

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